Friday, August 28, 2009

Butterfly Goodie Bags, Games, Crafts


As each guest arrives they will be given their own set of wings to decorate and wear through out the party. Have flowing music playing so they can butterfly dance after they decorate their wings if still waiting on guests.

~to make the wings I free handed one half of the wings on to poster board then traced for enough wings to have a pair for each guest. Then I hot glued them together with ribbon over the seam and hot glued ribbon to the top of the wing and then at the middle of the wing section on each side. They held up really well, just tossed my last one last week (over 1 month since the party!)

Game 'Musical Flowers'

~I found coloring book outlines of flower heads and colored each a different color about 4in x 4in in size. Then had a smaller flower or paper in each coordinating color. Everyone stands on a flower until the music stops. When the music stops then a color is drawn the guest with that color pics up their flower and is 'out' of the game, and they get to pick the next color. Keep going till the last person (as each person gets 'out' they get to pick the next color), they win the small prize!


~I poured my own plaster of Paris figurines-butterflies, frogs, and bugs. The kids have some in each of their goodie bags. They will get to paint them with water colors.

(option-could turn into magnets, but mine were to heavy.)

Goodie Bags

~Medium Sized Chinese Take Out Containers from a craft store (I watched for some to go on clearance to help with the cost!)

~Paper Butterfly Ornaments from a craft store (could cut out own) for tags


~Small Butterfly Coloring Page (all coloring pages found by using a search engine and typing in 'subject' coloring pages.)

~Butterfly Clips

~Foam Bug Capsules (expand when in warm water)

~Fun sized skittles

~Butterfly and birthday Stickers

~Flower erasers

~Plaster Pieces for craft project

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